Your index matters

The index to which your ETP is benchmarked makes a difference in how well you can capture your strategy – and how your index behaves in various market conditions.


Rigorous methodology. Transparent rules.

Inclusion in Russell Indexes is driven by the market – not by a committee.


Institutional investors prefer Russell Indexes

Institutional assets valued at $10.6 trillion* are benchmarked to Russell Indexes – a 69% share.

Russell Indexes are institutional grade

Objective Defined by the market, not by committee.
Comprehensive A complete measure of U.S. equities, from mega-cap to micro-cap.
Modular Designed to work together, with no gaps or overlaps.
Rules-based and transparent Built on a rigorous, published methodology.

Capture your strategy more effectively

Allocate assets with precision.
Take advantage of opportunities to invest in companies soon after they IPO.
Benefit from the same institutional-grade tools as the largest investors.
Be confident you are not unexpectedly underweighted or overweighted in any area.




You have questions? We have answers.



No Gaps, No Overlaps

Russell Indexes provide 98% coverage of US equities. Modular design and consistent breakpoints
help ensure your allocation is exactly what your strategy calls for. See how the indexes work together.




Discover which ETPs track Russell Indexes.

Put the power of Russell to work in your investment strategy.

Russell 1000 ETFs

FLGE Credit Suisse FI Large Cap Gr Enh
FAZ Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3X
FAS Direxion Daily Financial Bull 3X
RWGV Direxion Russell 1000 Growth Over Value
RWVG Direxion Russell 1000 Value Over Growth
IWFL ETRACS 2x Leveraged US Growth Factor TR ETN
IWDL ETRACS 2x Leveraged US Value Factor TR ETN
OMFL Invesco Russell 1000 Dynamic Multifactor
USEQ Invesco Russell 1000 Enhanced Equal Weight
EQAL Invesco Russell 1000 Equal Weight
USLB Invesco Russell 1000 Low Beta Equal Weight
ROLAF iPath Long Extended Russell 1000 TR



IWB iShares Russell 1000
IWF iShares Russell 1000 Growth
IWD iShares Russell 1000 Value
IYM iShares US Basic Materials
IYC iShares US Consumer Discretionary
IYK iShares US Consumer Staples
IYE iShares US Energy
IYF iShares US Financials
IYH iShares US Healthcare
IYJ iShares US Industrials
IYW iShares US Technology
IYZ iShares US Telecommunications
IDU iShares US Utilities
KLCD KFA Large Cap Quality Dividend
RALS ProShares RAFI® Long/Short
ONEV SPDR® Russell 1000 Low Volatility Focus
ONEO SPDR® Russell 1000 Momentum Focus


ONEY SPDR® Russell 1000 Yield Focus
FBGX UBS AG FI Enhanced Big Cap Growth
VONE Vanguard Russell 1000
VONG Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth
VONV Vanguard Russell 1000 Value
DEUS Xtrackers Russell 1000 Comprehensive Factor
QARP Xtrackers Russell 1000 US QARP

Russell 1000 Derivatives

RS1 CME E-mini Russell 1000 Futures
RSG CME E-mini Russell 1000 Growth Futures
RSV CME E-mini Russell 1000 Value Futures
R1R CME Russell 1000 Total Return Futures
ARR CME Adjusted Interest Rate Russell 1000 Total Return Futures
RUI Cboe Russell 1000 Options
RLG Cboe Russell 1000 Growth Options
RLV Cboe Russell 1000 Value Options

Russell 2000 ETFs

TZA Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X
TNA Direxion Daily Small Cap Bull 3X
IWML ETRACS 2x Leveraged US Size Factor TR ETN
KAPR Innovator Russell 2000 Power Buffer - April Series
KJAN Innovator Russell 2000 Power Buffer - January Series
KJUL Innovator Russell 2000 Power Buffer - July Series
KOCT Innovator Russell 2000 Power Buffer - October Series
OMFS Invesco Russell 2000 Dynamic Multifactor



RTLAF iPath Long Extended Russell 2000 TR
IWM iShares Russell 2000
IWO iShares Russell 2000 Growth
IWN iShares Russell 2000 Value
SVAL iShares US Small Cap Value Factor ETF
KSCD KFA Small Cap Quality Dividend
SMDV ProShares Russell 2000 Dividend Growers
RWM ProShares Short Russell2000
UWM ProShares Ultra Russell2000
URTY ProShares UltraPro Russell2000
SRTY ProShares UltraPro Short Russell2000
TWM ProShares UltraShort Russell2000
RYLD sell 2000


VTWO Vanguard Russell 2000
VTWG Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth
VTWV Vanguard Russell 2000 Value

Russell 2000 Derivatives

RTY CME E-mini Russell 2000 Futures
M2K CME Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Futures
R2G CME E-mini Russell 2000 Growth Futures
R2V CME E-mini Russell 2000 Value Futures
R2R CME Russell 2000 Total Return Futures
RTO CME E-mini Russell 2000 Options



R1E CME E-mini Russell 2000 Weekly Options on Index Futures
A2R CME Adjusted Interest Rate Russell 2000 Total Return Futures
RDA CME Russell 2000 Annual Dividend Futures
RUT Cboe Russell 2000 Options
MRUT Cboe Russell 2000 Index (Mini-Options) 

Russell 3000 ETFs

IWV iShares Russell 3000
TMDV ProShares Russell U.S. Dividend Growers
VTHR Vanguard Russell 3000







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