Asset owners widely adopting sustainable investment

2022 global survey findings from asset owners

Our 2022 global asset owner survey findings

Each year we conduct a survey to better understand asset owners’ attitudes, priorities and decisions around sustainable investment.

This year’s report compares and contrasts the findings from 2021 to 2022. With many changes taking place around the world, we wanted to highlight the shift in asset owners’ decision-making in line with sustainability. As sustainable investing is the future of investing, take a look at the priorities for asset owners overall, and by region.

What asset owners are saying:

  • Sustainable investment becomes mainstream
  • The primary barrier to sustainable investing today is availability of ESG data and the use of estimated data
  • Social themes are the priority focus over climate and carbon
  • Risk management remains a vital reason for widespread adoption of sustainable investment

Key findings in figures

Infographic: 2022 global survey findings from asset owners

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