Equity indexes

FTSE Russell’s flagship market cap-weighted equity indexes are used by clients around the world to inform asset allocation decisions, support portfolio construction, and conduct risk and performance analysis. A broad offering of global and domestic equity market indexes—including the well-known FTSE Global Equity Index Series (FTSE GEIS), FTSE UK Index Series, and the Russell US Indexes—provide clients with a flexible, comprehensive foundation for both their global and local market investing needs.

Featured indexes

FTSE Global Equity Index Series (GEIS) Market cap-weighted Global
Russell US Indexes Market cap-weighted Americas
Russell US Style Market cap-weighted, Style Americas
FTSE UK (inc. FTSE 100, FTSE All-Share) Market cap-weighted, Dividend EMEA
FTSE China (inc. China A50, China 50) Market cap-weighted Asia Pacific
Frontier Market cap-weighted Global
Capped Indexes Market cap-weighted Global
Decrement Market cap-weighted Global
Domestic and Global Exposure Market cap-weighted Global
Fair Value Market cap-weighted, Fair Value Global
Global China A Inclusion Market cap-weighted Global
Global Shariah Market cap-weighted, Shariah-Compliant Global
Global Stability Market cap-weighted, Style, Risk-Based Global
Global Styles Market cap-weighted, Style Global
Gold Mines Market cap-weighted, Industry-Specific Global
IdealRatings Islamic Market cap-weighted Global
Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Market cap-weighted Global
Multinationals Market cap-weighted Global
Short and Leveraged Market cap-weighted, Short & Leveraged Global
FTSE Short and Leveraged Futures Indices Short and Leveraged, Derivatives-based EMEA
Super Liquid Market cap-weighted, Real Estate Global
Sustainable Yield Market cap-weighted, Dividend Global
Thematic Market cap-weighted Global
BIVA Market cap-weighted Americas
Canada Free Market cap-weighted Americas
Russell 1000 ICB Industry Capped Market cap-weighted, Industry-Specific Americas
Russell Dividend Market cap-weighted, Dividend Americas
US Stability Market cap-weighted, Style, Risk-Based Americas
ASEAN Market cap-weighted, Shariah-Compliant, Sustainable Investment Asia Pacific
ASEAN Extended Market cap-weighted Asia Pacific
Australian Equity Market cap-weighted Asia Pacific
Blossom Japan Alternatively Weighted, Sustainable Investment Asia Pacific
Bursa Malaysia Market cap-weighted, Sustainable Investment, Shariah-Compliant Asia Pacific
Russell/Nomura Market cap-weighted Asia Pacific
SET Market cap-weighted, Shariah-Compliant Asia Pacific
Straits Times and FTSE ST Market cap-weighted Asia Pacific
TWSE Taiwan Market cap-weighted, Alternatively Weighted, Shariah-Compliant Asia Pacific
FTSE ADX Market cap-weighted EMEA
AIM (UK) Market cap-weighted EMEA
ASEA Pan Africa Market cap-weighted EMEA
ATHEX Market cap-weighted, Style EMEA
European Market cap-weighted EMEA
FTSEurofirst Market cap-weighted EMEA
Italia (inc. FTSE MIB) Market cap-weighted EMEA
Italia (inc. FTSE MIB) - Italian Market cap-weighted EMEA
JSE Market cap-weighted, Alternatively Weighted, Fundamentally Weighted, Shariah-Compliant, Equal Weighted, Dividend, Risk-Based, Industry-Specific EMEA
Middle East and Africa Extended Market cap-weighted EMEA
Nasdaq Dubai Market cap-weighted, Shariah-Compliant EMEA
Nordic Market cap-weighted EMEA
Saudi Arabia Free Market cap-weighted EMEA
Tradable Plus Market cap-weighted EMEA


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