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Data tools for knowing

Professional data search is dependent on specific business interests, but discerning risk and defining opportunities are universal needs. Mergent by FTSE Russell has the deepest respect for data and how it is used by its clients. As the steward of nearly a century of business data, we are focused on delivering quality data sets to the market. Our business data coverage enables professional clients with access to the insights that are most relevant to their business.

Mergent Conflict Search – A legal compliance tool

A company database widely used to research organizational structures, provide the backdrop for effective argument positioning and to establish competitive advantages for clients.

As a matter of ethics, this information is also critical to identifying and managing conflicts of interest. Mergent Conflict Search, in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, serves up comprehensive, relevant data to help law firms manage their malpractice risk process.

Rapid discovery

Easily view, manipulate and export the information essential to fundamental risk assessment, including:
— Family tree “snapshots” qualify and document organizational relationships
— Geographies
— Ownership details
Featured data:
— More than 280 million records
— Biographies and compensation details of key officers and directors
— Financial highlights and end of day pricing
— Company history, products and operations
— Competitors list is based on industry and revenue

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